343 Industries Confirms Halo Infinite Will Take Place On Zeta Halo

We were shown off in more in-depth detail in this month’s Xbox Collection X Showcase, Then constructing that as we proceed together with our community and fans.

Morse code may be observed out of a handheld radio which translated to”SOS ZETA HALO GRD”. At the same time, the Discover Hope trailer hid an additional hint to the occurrence of the instalment in a little notice on the Pelican dashboard which read Neighborhood Ref Zeta.

The TACMAP provides you with a good notion of a few of the goals and scale, and the size you will discover in Halo Infinite.

It provides players with a great deal of liberty and choice as they play throughout the entire world.

You are going to be running into goals, placing points in your map, and type of exploring and surfing as you proceed.

The danger of this Flood first started to look inside the galaxy, Master Builder Faber and the Forerunners would utilise the people of Zeta Halo as test areas in a bid to discover a cure for its parasitic life form that had laid waste into The Precursors.

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