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After a successful eight-year run, genre X at the Oak Park Public Library has moved on. For more information about this book discussion for reader in their 20s and 30s, visit the group’s page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/genreX

Check out the genre X GoodReads group where you can check out past genre X titles, connect with other readers, and receive updates.


Previous Contributors


Alex, aka  “A-Rod”,  is the latest addition to the GX team.  In her spare time she is a rapid-fire knitter (­not crochet—that is totally different!)  She knits adorable little Angry Birds that delight and amaze.  Alex is fond of nonfiction; dictionaries and road atlases are a favorite read of hers.  She loves both good TV, like Cake Boss and bad TV, like Downton Abbey.



 Lindsay is true product of the 70’s; she was named after TV’s Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner. Even though lacking any seven figure prosthetics, Lindsay is able perform Herculean tasks, wrangling the Hydra that is the Oak Park Public Library’s collections into tidy MARC records. Lindsay confesses she only likes even numbered tags, and sometimes arranges a record to look like a pretty snowflake. Lindsay eschews hobbies, but enjoys bennies and blintzes at brunch on Saturday.


Tara is one of the crack members of the library’s Digital Services team, so cross her, and you’ll never get a Wi-Fi signal in this building again.  Tara takes direct orders from her cat, Muffin, and you can trick her into revealing her home state by sneaking up on her and singing “The stars at night are big and bright…”.




The man behind Drink of the Month, Mark reads in Oak Park and drinks in Berwyn and Forest Park.







Jennifer’s daughter Mabel thinks her mom reads a lot and that her time would be better spent taking her to the local KFC. But Jennifer is a true professional as a member of our crack marketing team, and brings a practiced eye to judging good books to read. She is an avid Pinsterer, and when she’s not reading the next genre X read, she’s making kolaczki just like her grandma used to.



We asked Charlotte, Rebecca’s niece, to write this bio, but she just smeared some mashed carrots across the page. Rebecca is an avid reader, who when not reading books is talking about them. There is one thing that keeps Rebecca from reading fiction, and that is baking, because baking is non-fiction, and delicious. If you’re on your best behavior, she might bring you a cupcake.


Brandon is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who, thanks to genre X has mastered the art of button making. Ernest Hemingway played no part in his decision to intern at Oak Park. Nope. None at all. He enjoys fiction, comic books, punk rock, and growing things to eat.



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