Author: Stefan Diarbi

Ubisoft Reportedly Cancelled King Arthur Game From Dragon Age Game Designer

According Mike Laidlaw declared after working there; he would be departing Ubisoft. It appears light has been shed on the job in its entirety.... Read more »

Obsidian Details About The Outer Worlds Might Be Coming Soon

The Outer Worlds, you wake up from Cryosleep Before releasing at the beginning of June last month, the Change first introduced back in October... Read more »

New Fable Game Will Not Exactly What People Think

There have been many calls for a Fable reboot to return to the core elements of this series, and several are expecting that the... Read more »

Spider-Man Miles Morales Reportedly Comes With Spider-Man Remaster For PS5

Together with the PS5 on the horizon, fans can expect information to Get Started Particularly; the problem asserts that comes bundled with a remastered... Read more »