Elephant Mixtapes

A mysterious misterbuckets has been hard at work on a project called Elephant Mixtapes. He (or she) made ten copies of a mix and hid them around Chicago, hoping to surprise music lovers across the city. It’s finders keepers, but misterbuckets asks the finders to email Elephant Mixtapes with a photo of the tape, a description of where it was found, and any additional comments or reviews the finder might want to share.

Why bother? According to the project website:

Simple: I enjoy making mixtapes. Combine that with the pleasure of giving or happening upon a little gift is something everyone can enjoy. In addition, it will, hopefully, be interesting to see where these cassettes travel to and into whose hands they may land.

So far information on the site is pretty minimal, but you can find a track list for Mixtape #1 and a welcome (including some hints on where you might find a tape).

I know I’ll be checking back for contributions from around town.

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