Falling Fruit

Map: Falling Fruit

I like food, food tastes good!

-The Descendents

Everyone loves food. Free food is even better. Local, fresh, and free is best. That’s why I was excited when I stumbled on this fantastic website, Falling Fruit , with the goal of “mapping the urban harvest!” Using the map, you can find trees that offer bounties such as berries and other fruits.

The Falling Fruit website takes data from municipal tree inventories and other foraging maps and migrates the data to an open source map. Anyone is free to add foraging locations. Oak Park is sufficiently mapped. You can search by location, or filter results to what type of fruit or plant you’re looking for. You’ll even find some Hackberry right in front of the library.

The Falling Fruit organizers point to Urban Edibles for the ethics of picking fruit that might be on someone’s property. Basically, always ask before picking.

As it is important to not die from eating misidentified harvests, here are some good books for the novice forager:






If you’re interested in a little more information, NPR has a story about Falling Fruit.

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