Guest Post: Brad’s Graphic Novel Suggestions

Editor’s note: Thanks to Brad for agreeing to write our first guest post! A long time reader with genre X, Brad is known for bringing every discussion back to graphic novels, somehow. If you’re wondering where to start for June’s discussion, check out his suggestions below.

For June’s book selection, Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, the group is urged to read an additional graphic novel (read: oversized comic book) of their choice to add to the discussion. As a the resident loudmouth of the group, I am more than willing to throw my hat into the ring to offer some suggestions for the second book you should read this month.

First, I’d recommend any of the three great graphic novels the group has already read in its storied history (you see what I did there): Blankets , Fun Home, and Asterios Polyp. All are excellent, representing the varied style of art and the writer’s voice that can be captured by the medium.

If you’re old school genre X and have already read those three, my next recommendations might be pretty obvious. If you loved Blankets, why not try Craig Thompson’s follow-up Habibi? If Allison Bechdel’s Fun Home scratched your graphic novel itch, why not try her most recent work covering her relationship with her mother, Are You My Mother?

After that things get more difficult. I don’t know you.  What types of TV shows do you like? What kind of movies? What do you usually read? Let’s try to match your tastes with a graphic novel. Click through to take a look at the suggestions below, or leave a comment with three movies or TV shows that you like, and I’ll get back to you with a personalized suggestion.

  • Would you like a beautifully depicted exploration of mortality? Try Daytripper.
  • Would you like an eerie horror story about a possessed apartment building? try Pixu: The Mark of Evil.
  •  If you would like a dysfunctional superhero book that has been labeled “X-Men meets The Royal Tenenbaums”, try The Umbrella Academy.
  • Would you like to read the kick-ass origin of The Batman? Try Batman: Year One.
  • If you think Ann Rule rulz, try The Green River Killer: A True Detective Story.
  • If you love hardboiled crime books, try Criminal.
  • If you love country noir (like FX’s Justified), but wish it were set on an Indian Reservation, try Scalped.
  • Would you like a Batman book that’s not about Batman, but really about the detectives of the Gotham Police Department (think NBC’s Homicide)? Try Gotham Central.
  •  Do you like morality plays, crime stories and conspiracy theories? Try 100 Bullets.
  •  For a love story for the HIV generation, try Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story.
  • Are you interested in a story of star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of inter-galactic war? Try Saga.
  • Do you ever daydream about how awesome it would be if all the men in the world died and you were the last man on Earth? Try Y: The Last Man.
  • If you’re down with weird-ass sci-fi freak-out, try Prophet.
  • Would you like a “realistic” spy story staring a strong female lead? Try Queen & Country.
  • Ever heard of Neil Gaiman? Try reading The Sandman.
  • If you like ABC’s Once Upon a Time or NBC’s Grimm, try Fables.
  • If you know what I mean when I say “weird western”, try The Sixth Gun.
  • If you’re a fan of the Lost Generation authors (Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce), but wish they also robbed banks, try The Left Bank Gang.

If all those awesome recommendations aren’t awesome enough, if you’d like, I’ll try to match you up with the perfect graphic novel. Post a comment with three movies or TV shows (or a combination of the two) you like and I’ll attempt to find the right graphic novel for you.


patrick drury

Excellent suggestions Brad. Thanks.

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