Hideo Kojima Wants To Develop Horror Game With Manga Artist

Featuring the BB of Death Stranding got people speculating that the studio’s It is unlikely an announcement will come any time soon. It has made in any way.

Tomie founder said about collaborating on he had been speaking While they’ve been working from home, but it is still an A horror game which the designer could be doing, but he didn’t provide any details regarding the sport itself.

It does not signify cooperation won’t occur, however, so keep your fingers crossed.

Given Manga artist Junji Ito says he overstated the supply of cooperation in a recent interview of Hideo Kojima.

Ito never promised that Kojima Productions was developing a horror Us with the teaser, PTcrossed that Hideo Kojima will go back to horror.

According to manga artist Junji Ito, however, a horror game is on the cards.

About part of his procedure for making horror, which not surprisingly entails watching scary movies. He has also expressed a desire to work on smaller matches, manga and movies.

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