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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to last night’s discussion of The Time Traveler’s Wife. It was really nice to discuss this book so near and dear to our hearts with each of you. I’d say that overall the title has received the best reception of all the books we’ve chosen to date. This is certainly due, in part, to the fact that author Audrey Niffenegger so seamlessly incorporates the city of Chicago into her narrative – an element we all found to be a big draw as natives of the Chicago area. Of course, there were still those wonderful and inevitable points in the discussion that we couldn’t agree on exactly what was happening, or intended. After arriving home with visions of Henry & Clare still dancing in my head, I scoured the web to find out more about what Niffenegger herself has had to say about their delicately crafted world.

Upon the book’s publication in 2003, several lengthy, telling interviews with Niffenegger were published online. Easiest to find are those with Bookslut and Contemporary Literature, both linked from the author’s website (currently under construction but still worth a gander).  However, it was an interview she did with fiction blog Writer Unboxed that I found to be particularly insightful.  This one stands out not only because it was published a full three years after the book, but as the most relevant to the content of our discussion last night.  In it, Niffenegger unveils her process for keeping track of Clare and Henry’s individual timelines, shares her thoughts about TTW as a work of science fiction, entertains the idea of a sequel about Alba, and anticipates her own disappointment with the upcoming film adaptation.  Just to be certain I haven’t horribly paraphrased anything, you should read the full interview here.



Niffenegger also has a new serial graphic novel running in the Guardian: It seems to be based on a short story that she read from at a book signing event several years ago for The Time Traveler’s Wife.

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