New Year, New You?

Happy New Year, genre Xers! If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine, resolutions are a hot topic this week. My friends are an ambitious bunch, setting goals for almost every aspect of their lives. In 2012 they will read, budget, release albums, exercise, wear makeup, and more! I’m already impressed.

While I could certainly stand to loose a few pounds or spend less money, I am only making one resolution this year: to take more risks. My plan is not to run into burning buildings or traipse through a Chicago winter in stilettos, but to try new things and to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m not the only one:

-At Time Hack, one man is documenting one new experience every day to see if his perception of time differs based on his experiences.

-The Leap Year Project is asking people to “Take a risk (AKA: Leap). Make something in your life, community, or world better. Then, use #lyproject to share it through all sorts of online and offline mediums and invite others to do the same.”

-And the Oak Park Public Library is pursuing the Spark project, pushing staff to try new ideas and engaging the community in planning for the library’s future.

Whatever your resolution is, the Oak Park Public Library can help you reach your goals. Learn a new skill with an online tool like Learning Express Library, where you can brush up on Adobe Illustrator or polish your resume. Through Universal Class you can enroll in self-paced classes on everything from horseback riding to meditation to statistics. And before you embark on the round-the-world trip you’re planning to ring in 2013, log on to Mango Languages.

For a round-up of great books on self-improvement, check out Kelly McGonigal’s list of 11 Books to Help You Turn Over a New Leaf. or Library Journal’s list of the best self-help books of 2011.

Share your resolutions in the comments, or if you’re already practically perfect, suggest a risk worth taking that I should add to my list (note to self: start a list).

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