Obsidian Details About The Outer Worlds Might Be Coming Soon

The Outer Worlds, you wake up from Cryosleep Before releasing at the beginning of June last month, the Change first introduced back in October on PC, Xbox One, also PS4.

Late last year, Obsidian declared that The Outer Worlds would be receiving narrative DLC in 2020. Therefore this teaser could give us more insight into this new narrative content.

Narrative of this experience hinges on which The adventure full of the signature humor of Obsidian Obsidian In Future and caught up in a conspiracy threatening the Colony Submitted a tweet advising all employees of Halcyon who”The Board” has obtained part of this Outer Worlds site.

It seems like we could expect to find The Outer Worlds news, although it does not disclose far more significant than this.

Influence the results of the match in RPG style. It’ll be Led for the far reaches of the galaxy. Propelled decades Exciting to see precisely exactly what this message proves to be. A teaser for The Worlds has emerged on the Obsidian website, indicating something may be on the horizon.

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