Spell Yeah! Sophomore Year

Spell Yeah! returns for its sophomore year at the Oak Park Public Library. Last year 35 spellers swarmed the stage, hoping for victory. In the end, there could be only one queen bee, an honor commemorated with a bee-dazzled trophy and stunning photo with the Spelling Bee himself.

Join us again this year on Saturday, September 29th for more close calls, near misses, major misspellings. Doors open at 8:00 PM, and the first round of spelling will begin promptly at 8:30 PM.


Put some positive pressure on our spellers by packing the house. Your first drink is on the house, then enjoy a cash bar.


Caught the spelling bug? Reserve your place online before 5pm September 29th. If you’re not quick enough or eager enough, fear not: additional spots will be available at the door. Get in on the action one way or another and loosen your tongue with two free drinks.


1. Say It. Spell It. Say It. The spelling bee is conducted in rounds, and each speller remaining in the competition will spell one word in each round. Upon hearing their word, a participant should repeat the word, spell it, and indicate they are finished by saying the word again. Participants can also request that the word be repeated, defined, or used in a sentence.

2. Stop and Go A speller may restart a word, but may not change any of the letters they have already pronounced. If the letters or sequence of letters are changed, the speller is eliminated.

3. Is that aloud allowed? Homonyms, or words that sound identical but have different spellings, will be defined by the pronouncer. If a definition is not given, the correct spelling of any homonym will be accepted.

4. Misspellings When a player misspells a word, s/he is eliminated from the competition, and the judge gives the correct spelling of the word, unless only two spellers remain.

5. And then there was one… To win the competition, the final speller must spell their opponent’s last word correctly, as well as the next word on the list. If they misspell the second word, the other speller must then spell that word, as well as the next word on the list. If both players misspell the same word, the first one who misspelled the word will be given a new word to spell.

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