Web Site Wednesday – FFFFOUND!

When trying to choose a website to share with the good people of genre X, I’m often choosing from old favorites that I’ve loved for ages. Its rare that I discover something so awesome that I feel I need to share it with you right now.

Meet FFFFOUND, an image based web service that shares images (art, photographs, posters, movie stills) through juried choices. FFFFOUND isn’t tagged by content, but it will suggest other images you might like based on those that you select. The image above (from Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre by Wilhelm Staehle) led me to many, many more.

FFFFOUND registration isn’t open (you have to have an invitation to join) so you can’t add your own images to their collection, but anyone can peruse their impressive selections from all over the web. I can see why it would be easy to lose yourself in the hundreds of pages of inspiring art. More images after the jump.

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